*gets a 200 note post* *looks in mirror* fame changed you

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woah calm down im just trying to date your dad

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all right, all right

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An Affair To Remember (1957)


i think we should all watch It’s A Wonderful Life together on tinychat or Skype or something on the week of Christmas, like a little Christmas get together, spread cheer, ho ho ho and all that stuff

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When our Hatfield-McCoy routine became a byword with the public, we did nothing to derail it. We developed and expanded it and pitched in merrily to think of insults to hurl at each other. when we’re doing a radio show, Hope shows up at the studio with libelous comments about me pencilled on his script. He writes more during rehearsal. I do the same. We may even think up a few verbal barbs after the show goes on the air.

Hope’s very nimble at this sort of thing and I can only remember sticking him once, but I’m proud of that once, for I had him really blubbering. He had made some disparaging remark about my figure, and I said, “I just got a load of your rear when you walked away from the microphone, and you looked like a sack of cats going to the river.” He went dead for almost a minute. He thought up a rebuttal later, but in our league, if you don’t come up with a reply right away, it’s three strikes and sit down. 

— Call Me Lucky by Bing Crosby

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Realest fucking tweet of 2014

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I feel this on so many levels


Top Hat (1935).